MARC Basic Topics Training 2 July 2020

Dan (N7XDL) talked with us about emergency communications, a topic near and dear to all of our hearts.  Part of the presentation included a couple of videos from Josh Nass (KI6NAZ) from his Ham Radio Crash Course youtube channel.  Josh has a playlist of videos related to emergency communications, and the we were treated to the first two videos with Dan's commentary and our own comments along the way.

The first two videos are embedded here, but you should still check out the whole playlist as there is a lot of good information there:


Other things we discussed included CERT training here in Murray, maintaining a good communications plan, and being prepared.  Dan also has some additional resources that I will be adding to this post over the next few days, including the Salt Lake County ARES communication plan and recommended radio channel load.  Stay tuned for more details!


Yeast Available

Travis (KG7KFC) announced on the Sunday net yesterday that his wife has available a large quantity of baking yeast.  She is looking for $5.00 for four ounces to recoup some of her costs.  Please contact Travis directly if you are interested.  Travis's contact information is available on the MARC Roster, which is accessible to all club members.  If you can't get a copy of the roster, and you think you should be able to, Contact Us.

Thursday 19 March Meeting to be On-Air!

Since we are not having an in-person meeting this month on the 19th, we have decided to add an additional on-air net on our normal frequency at a 6:30 PM (same time we would normally have our club meeting).  This net will be on the Ensign Peak repeater at 147.16 MHz tone 127.3 Hz.

Turn on your radios and check in!