Murray Amateur Radio Club

The Murray Amateur Radio Club, or MARC, as we like to call it, came about when, after joining the Salt Lake County ARES organization, I was tasked with representing Murray City.  I soon found out that Murray City did not have an amateur radio club, and in that moment the idea of creating one was born.  I sent out letters to each licensee within the Murray City boundaries asking if anyone would like to have their own club.  I was happily surprised when I got a number of responses back suggesting that having a local club would be great.  To that end, I started the club and have been having fun ever since!

When I knew that there was sufficient interest in the club, I enquired of Murray City as to what organization takes the lead role in their Emergency Management.  They said that the Murray City Fire Department is in charge of Emergency Management for the city.  I talked with John Harris, the Murray City Fire Chief, and asked if he would be interested in helping the "not yet organized" club in any way.  He was delighted in knowing that a Murray club was in the process of being created and offered us a place to meet... Murray City's EOC (Emergency Operations Center).  So, you guessed it... we meet on 484 W 5900 S at the Fire Department Station #83 (we now meet at the new Fire Department Station #81 at 4848 S Box Elder St) for all of our club meetings.  Murray City has been very good to work with us as they want an active club in the area as well.  We both stand to gain benefits from this opportunity.

The Murray Amateur Radio Club is open to any and all who would like to learn about amateur radios and everything that makes up this wonderful hobby.  Please come and join us to Elmer less experienced operators, or to be taught, in simple language ('cause that's all I know) the basics of amateur radio.

Did you know that the Murray Amateur Radio Club is now a 501(c)3 company?  Yes!  Any donations to the club are now TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  For any contribution we will give you an IRS tax deductible form for your taxes.  We'd love to receive your generous contribution to make MARC a thriving company within the great city of Murray.

Dan Lundwall, N7XDL
Founder, Murray Amateur Radio Club