The “Standard Load”

What is a "Standard Load"?

The Standard Load is a collection of radio frequencies organized into groups for loading into your radios.  The intention is that you would load the same set of frequencies into the same numbered memory channels in each radio so that you are not fiddling around in an urgent situation trying to figure out what frequency you should be using.

Salt Lake County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) has put together a Standard Load for use within the county.  The list is broken up into sections for ease of use and the most important/most used frequencies are located earlier in the list to support radios with a limited number of memory locations.

What do I do with it?

You should program your radios with the frequencies listed.  You should also print out copies of the list to keep with your "go kit" (if you have one).  Included in the file are a "condensed" version suitable for printing on cards and laminating that can be kept in your glove compartment or somewhere else convenient (it's a good idea to also put together a simplified programming guide for your radio(s) and keep that with the printed out list of frequencies).

What Are the Sections?

The first two sections are "User Defined," indicating that it is for your own individual set of frequencies.  This section is further divided into personal (channels 1-25) and club (26-40) parts.  Each club that is participating will identify their own "club" frequencies.  The third section (41-74) is defined for city specific frequencies and is intended to be used in support of any operations within the city.  The fourth section (75-78) is for the Salt Lake County ARES designated frequencies.  The fifth section (79-84) includes several local connections to wide-area repeater networks (Intertie, Sinbad).  The sixth section (85-87) is for RACES frequencies.  The seventh section (88-93) includes national and state-level frequencies, including the national calling frequencies.  The eighth section (94-99) is a listing of frequencies used by portable repeaters that may be deployed into various locations.  The ninth section (100-107) is for LDS ERC frequencies.  The tenth section (108-115) lists EOC frequencies for ARES and other use.  The eleventh section (116-127) is a collection of hospital frequencies for ARES use.  The twelfth section (128) is the NOAA weather frequency and completes the first part of the load, intended for use in radios with a limited number of memory locations (up to 128).

The thirteenth section (129-138) is for packet radio frequencies.  The fourteenth section (139-143) is a collection of Utah Highway Patrol frequencies (for monitoring only).  The fifteenth section (144-156) is a set of digital frequencies (DSTAR, System Fusion, and DMR).  The sixteenth section (157-168) is for the repeaters in the Intermountain Intertie.  The seventeenth section (169-175) is additional NOAA frequencies for surrounding areas.  The eighteenth and final section (176-205) is for FRS and GMRS frequencies (for monitoring only).

Club Frequencies

MARC has defined several frequencies for the club section.  These include the Ensign Peak repeater that we use for our Sunday nets, the MARC 1.25m repeater, the three frequencies we use for our pre-meeting "check-in" nets (2m simplex, 1.25m simplex, and our club repeater), a simplex frequency assigned for Murray City interaction (used for Murray City events), and several repeaters that are frequently used in the Murray area (the Farnsworth "62" and Intertie machines, Curry and Butterfield Peak repeaters, the Nelson Peak IRLP node typically connected to the Western Reflector, and the Huntsman Center repeater).

How do I Get my Radio Programmed?

As they become available, we will upload files for Chirp, RT Systems, and a DMR Codeplug.  You can also bring your radio and programming cable to a club meeting and someone will help you (it would be a good idea to let us know what radio you have and that you are bringing it... you can do that with the Comment Form).  If you're in a hurry and can't figure it out (or don't have the equipment required), contact the club and we will figure out some way to get your radio programmed.

So Where do I Get It?

  • The Standard Load is distributed as an Excel workbook.
  • There is also a PDF file of the main table.
  • There is also a CSV export of the main table.
  • This is a CHIRP compatible CSV file (read from your radio first [or open an existing image file], then import this file; do not open it directly and try to write it to a radio)

Additional formats will be uploaded here as they become available.

Other Resources

Here are some links to other club's versions of the Standard Load (note, these may be out of date):

SLCo ARES Standard Load Mar 2024 MARC

Salt Lake County ARES Standard Load with Murray Amateur Radio Club additions
March 2024 Edition
26147.160147.760PlusMARC-2mRTone127.3Murray Amateur Radio Club 2m Primary Repeater (Ensign Peak)
27223.960222.360MinusMARC-220Tone103.5MARC - 220 RPTR MURRAY FD
28146.440146.440MARC-2mSMARC-2m Simplex
29223.440223.440MARC-22SMARC-220 Simplex
30224.640223.040MinusMARC-SamTone156.7Sammie's 220 Repeater
32146.620146.020MinusFarnsworthFarnsworth Peak Repeater
33147.120147.720PlusIntertieTone100Farnsworth Peak Repeater Intertie
34440.???445.???Plusmarc440Tone100MARC 440 REPEATER
35447.900442.900MinusCurry PkTone114.8Curry Peak
36147.140147.740PlusButrfld PkTone127.3Butterfield Peak (IRLP node 3215)
37449.425444.425MinusNelsn PkTone100Nelson Peak - Linked to Western Reflector
38146.740146.140MinusHuntsmanTone114.8Huntsman Cancer Inst (Lnked to 448.100)
42438.150438.150SimplexCITY_2NoneAlta / Big Cottonwood / Copperton Metro Township / Granite (Unicorpporated) / Parley's Canyon Southwest
43446.700441.700MinusCITY_3Tone100.0 HzBluffdale
45145.550145.550SimplexCITY_5NoneCottonwood Heights
46439.325439.325SimplexCITY_6NoneCottonwood Heights
47447.100442.100MinusCITY_7Tone100.0 HzDraper
49446.250441.250MinusCITY_9Tone100.0 HzHerriman
57223.960222.360MinusCITY_17Tone103.5 HzMurray Primary Repeater
59448.525443.525MinusCITY_19Tone100.0 HzSalt Lake City / Emigration Canyon : NOTE: 147.160 (127.3Hz) is 2nd-ary repeater
60147.500147.500SimplexCITY_20NoneSalt Lake City / Emigration Canyon
61147.140147.740PlusCITY_21Tone127.3 HzSandy / Sandy Hills / White City Metro Township / Willow Canyon / Willow Creek
62438.925438.925SimplexCITY_22NoneSandy / Sandy Hills / White City Metro Township / Willow Canyon / Willow Creek
63447.900442.900MinusCITY_23Tone114.8 HzSouth Jordan
64145.510145.510SimplexCITY_24NoneSouth Jordan
65447.700442.700MinusCITY_25Tone100.0 HzSouth Salt Lake
66439.150439.150SimplexCITY_26NoneSouth Salt Lake
67146.740146.140MinusCITY_27Tone114.8 HzTaylorsville (U of U Hosp Repeater)
68146.940146.340MinusCITY_28Tone88.5 HzTaylorsville
70145.730145.730SimplexCITY_30NoneWest Jordan
71147.580147.580SimplexCITY_31NoneWest Jordan / West Valley City
72448.800443.800MinusCITY_32Tone100.0 HzWest Valley City
73147.160147.720PlusCITY_33Tone127.3 HzSecondary Repeater for Salt Lake City / Emigration Canyon
75146.700146.100MinusARES_1Tone100.0 HzSLCo ARES Primary (Ensign Peak)
76146.880146.280MinusARES_2Tone88.5 HzSLCo ARES Secondary (SLCC Redwood)
77147.540147.540SimplexARES_3NoneSLCo ARES Primary Simplex
79146.620146.020Minus62_RptNoneNorthern Utah Communications (Wide Area Monitoring)
80147.120147.720PlusFrnTieTone100.0 HzIntertie Farnsworth Peak Linked to 147.180 (Wide Area Monitoring)
81147.180147.780PlusHdnTieTone100.0 HzIntertie Hidden Peak Linked to 147.120 (Wide Area Monitoring)
82147.080147.680PlusSinbadTone77.0 HzSinbad Repeater System Lake Mountain North (Wide Area Monitoring)
83448.150443.150Minus6m LnkTone127.3 HzFarnsworth Peak (Linked to 53.150 MHz optional 146.2 Hz)
84447.525442.525MinusSLCWxTone107.2 HzNational Wx Service Repeater (Plays NOAA alerts)
85146.940146.340MinusRACES1Tone88.5 HzRACES Primary Repeater
86147.060147.660PlusRACES2RACES Secondary Repeater
87146.440146.440SimplexRACES3NoneRACES Primary Simplex
88146.520146.520SimplexNAT146NoneNational 2 Meter Calling Freq.
89223.500223.500SimplexNAT220NoneNational 1.25 Meter Calling Freq.
90446.000446.000SimplexNAT446NoneNational 70 cm Calling Freq.
91144.390144.390SimplexAPRSNoneNational APRS (Simplex)
93447.850447.850SimplexState2NoneStatewide (Wasatch Front)
94448.000443.000MinusPort_1Tone127.3 HzSLCoARES Portable Repeater
95145.410144.810MinusPort_2Tone100.0 HzEmergency/Testing Only Non-Protected Tone Required
97447.175442.175MinusPort_4NoneStatewide Port. Reptr (12V DC)
98449.250444.250MinusPort_5Tone100.0 HzEmergency/Testing Non-Protected Tone Required
100147.520147.520SimplexERC_1NoneERC Sandy LDS Storehouse
101449.725444.725MinusERC_2Tone151.4 HzERC SLC LDS Storehouse (Butterfield Pk)
102145.450144.850MinusERC_3Tone100.0 HzLDS Welfare Sq. (Butterfield Peak)
103448.425443.425MinusERC_4Tone100.0 HzSLCoARES TacNet Downtown
104146.960146.360MinusERC_5Tone100.0 HzDavis County ERC (Francis Peak)
105448.875443.875MinusERC_6Tone100.0 HzLehi Bishop's Storehouse (ERC Link To Utah County)
106147.020147.620PlusERC_7Tone100.0 HzUTCoARES TacNet (West Mnt) (Link to Utah County ERC)
108145.530145.530SimplexEOC_1NoneSLCo ARES
109147.460147.460SimplexEOC_2NoneSLCo ARES
110438.175438.175SimplexEOC_3NoneSLCo ARES
111449.150444.150MinusEOC_4Tone100.0 HzSLCo ARES
112449.500444.500MinusEOC_5Tone100.0 HzSLCo ARES
113445.100445.100SimplexEOC_6NoneMurray 220 Repeater Link (Future)
114448.450443.450MinusEOC_7Tone100.0 HzRed Cross Net When Activated (Ensign Peak)
116145.190144.590MinusHOSP_1Tone123.0 HzIHC Hosp. Little Farnsworth Pk.
117448.400443.400MinusHOSP_2NoneIHC Hospital Intermountain Ridge
118448.550443.550MinusHOSP_3Tone100.0 HzIHC - West Valley Lake Park Blvd
119447.250442.250MinusHOSP_4Tone100.0 HzSLCoARES IMED TacNet
120146.840146.240MinusHOSP_5NoneSLCoARES Jordan Valley Hosp.
121224.780223.180MinusHOSP_6Tone100.0 HzJordan Valley Hosp. Linked to 146.840
122447.025442.025MinusHOSP_7Tone100.0 HzSLCoARES Alternate Msg Handling
123146.420146.420SimplexHOSP_8NoneSLCoARES Alternate Msg Handling
124146.740146.140MinusHOSP_9Tone114.8 HzU of U Hospital (Linked to 448.100)
125448.100443.100MinusHOSP10Tone114.8 HzU of U Hospital (Linked to 146.740)
128162.550162.550Rx ONLYWxSLCNOAA SLC
129145.050145.050SimplexPAC_1NonePacket SLCoARES SL County NOTE: VARAFM, VaraFM-Wide and Packet
130145.010145.010SimplexPAC_2NonePacket SLCoARES Outside of SLC
131144.910144.910SimplexPAC_3NonePacket Rural Wasatch Front (AX.25)
132144.950144.950SimplexPAC_4NonePacket SLCo West Valley Node (Also VARA)
133144.970144.970SimplexPAC_5NonePacket Davis Co
134145.030145.030SimplexPAC_6NonePacket Utah Co
135145.070145.070SimplexPAC_7NonePacket Davis Co
136145.090145.090SimplexPAC_8NonePacket Tooele Co
137144.990144.990SimplexPAC_9NoneBackhaul node for SLCoARES (Future)
139154.905Rx OnlyUHPSLCUHP - SLCo
140155.505Rx OnlyUHP 2UHP - Interagency (State Wide)
141155.745Rx OnlyUHPC2CUHP - Car to Car
144145.150145.150SimplexDSTAR1NoneIHC Hosp Murray Mod C
145447.950447.950SimplexDSTAR2NoneIHC Hosp Murray Mod B
146145.125145.125SimplexDSTAR3NoneD-STAR Farns. Pk
147448.075448.075SimplexDSTAR4NoneD-STAR Link to Internet Farns. Pk.
148448.525443.525MinusFUSN_1Tone100.0 HzEnsign Peak
149146.940146.340MinusFUSN_2Tone88.5 HzFarnsworth Pk.
150447.500442.500MinusFUSN_3Tone110.9 HzSandy (Need to be verified)
151447.750442.750MinusFUSN_4Tone100.0 HzW. Jordan (Need to be verified)
152449.150444.150MinusFUSN_5Tone100.0 HzFarnsworth Pk.
153447.9375442.9375MinusDMR-1Salt Lake DMR (N6DVZ) CC1
154448.2250443.2250MinusDMR-2Taylorsville (KF7KGN) CC1
157147.020147.620PlusBearLkTone100.0 HzBear Lake Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
158146.800146.200MinusBlwhrdPkTone100.0 HzBlowhard Peak Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
159147.120147.720PlusFrnswthPTone100.0 HzFarnsworth Peak Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
160146.940146.340MinusFriscoPkTone100.0 HzFrisco Peak Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
161147.180147.780PlusHiddenPkTone100.0 HzHidden Peak Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
162145.270144.670MinusLevan PkTone103.5 HzLevan Peak Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
163146.840146.240MinusMonroePkTone100.0 HzMonroe Peak Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
164449.650444.650MinusMtPisgahTone100.0 HzMt. Pisgah Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
165448.600443.600MinusNavajoMtTone100.0 HzNavajo Mountain Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
166146.960146.360MinusNavajoMtTone100.0 HzNavajo Mountain 2nd Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
167145.270144.670MinusScotsHilTone100.0 HzScott's Hill Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
168146.820146.220MinusUtahHillTone100.0 HzUtah Hill Repeater on Intermountain Intertie
172162.500Rx ONLYWxBearLkNOAA Bear Lake
173162.400Rx ONLYWxCdrCtyNOAA Cedar City
174162.475Rx ONLYWxStGrgeNOAA St. George
175162.425Rx ONLYWxMantiNOAA Manti
176462.5625Rx ONLYFR/GM1FRS CH 1 (2W) / GMRS CH 1 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
177462.5875Rx ONLYFR/GM2FRS CH 2 (2W) / GMRS CH 2 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
178462.6125Rx ONLYFR/GM3FRS CH 3 (2W) / GMRS CH 3 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
179462.6375Rx ONLYFR/GM4FRS CH 4 (2W) / GMRS CH 4 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
180462.6625Rx ONLYFR/GM5FRS CH 5 (2W) / GMRS CH 5 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
181462.6875Rx ONLYFR/GM6FRS CH 6 (2W) / GMRS CH 6 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
182462.7125Rx ONLYFR/GM7FRS CH 7 (2W) / GMRS CH 7 (5W) - Rx ONLY!
183467.5625Rx ONLYFR/GM8FRS CH 8 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 8 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
184467.5875Rx ONLYFR/GM9FRS CH 9 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 9 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
185467.6125Rx ONLYFRGM10FRS CH 10 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 10 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
186467.6375Rx ONLYFRGM11FRS CH 11 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 11 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
187467.6625Rx ONLYFRGM12FRS CH 12 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 12 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
188467.6875Rx ONLYFRGM13FRS CH 13 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 13 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
189467.7125Rx ONLYFRGM14FRS CH 14 (0.5W) / GMRS CH 14 (0.5W) - Rx ONLY!
190462.5500Rx ONLYFRGM15FRS CH 15 (2W) / GMRS CH 15 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
191462.5750Rx ONLYFRGM16FRS CH 16 (2W) / GMRS CH 16 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
192462.6000Rx ONLYFRGM17FRS CH 17 (2W) / GMRS CH 17 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
193462.6250Rx ONLYFRGM18FRS CH 18 (2W) / GMRS CH 18 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
194462.6500Rx ONLYFRGM19FRS CH 19 (2W) / GMRS CH 19 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
195462.6750Rx ONLYFRGM20FRS CH 20 (2W) / GMRS CH 20 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
196462.7000Rx ONLYFRGM21FRS CH 21 (2W) / GMRS CH 21 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
197462.7250Rx ONLYFRGM22FRS CH 22 (2W) / GMRS CH 22 (50W) - Rx ONLY!
198467.5500Rx ONLYGMRS23GMRS CH 23 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
199467.5450Rx ONLYGMRS24GMRS CH 24 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
200467.6000Rx ONLYGMRS25GMRS CH 25 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
201467.6250Rx ONLYGMRS26GMRS CH 26 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
202467.6500Rx ONLYGMRS27GMRS CH 27 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
203467.6750Rx ONLYGMRS28GMRS CH 28 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
204467.7000Rx ONLYGMRS29GMRS CH 29 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!
205467.7250Rx ONLYGMRS30GMRS CH 30 (50W - Repeater Input) - Rx ONLY!