Meeting Schedule and Location

The Murray Amateur Radio Club meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at the Murray Fire Department Station #81, located at 4848 Box Elder St (at the corner of Box Elder St and 4800 S).  Parking is available on the South side of the station.  Meetings start at 6:30 PM and usually end by 8:00 PM.

The club is also meeting on the first and second Thursday nights of each month at the same time and location.  These auxiliary meetings are intended for those who would like to learn about additional topics.  The first Thursday is our Basic Level Class that concentrates on things that are important to new hams, non-hams, and other things that should be interesting to those with basic skill levels.  The second Thursday is our Advanced Level Class and concentrates on things that are of a more advanced nature, including topics of interest to those working on getting their General license or experimenting with more advanced subjects.  These meetings will also include practical demonstrations and projects, such as antenna construction.

The club also meets on the air for a weekly net on Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM on the Ensign Peak repeater at 147.16 MHz (positive 0.6 MHz offset) PL 127.3 Hz (standard load channel 26).  The net control duties are rotated among club members to give each member a chance to gain experience running a net.  The net generally starts with a roll call of club members followed by any topics of interest.  It usually takes less than an hour.

We have a "talk-in" net immediately prior to each of the three meetings described above.  These nets are not just to give guidance and direction to people trying to find the meeting location or on their way to the meeting, but also to encourage us to learn how to set up and operate our radios in non-typical ways.  

On the first Thursday of each month, our talk-in net will be on the Murray repeater at 223.96 MHz (negative 1.6 MHz offset) with a PL of 103.5 Hz (standard load channel 27).  On the second Thursday, we will be on 223.440 MHz simplex (no tone or offset) (standard load channel 29).  On the third Thursday, we will be on 147.600 MHz simplex (standard load channel 31).  These nets will start around 6:00 PM Mountain time.  NOTE:  if you do not have equipment that operates on the 1.25m band and are wondering how you can check in on the first and second Thursday nets, the club has a limited number of radios that support this band.  Contact Stan (KG7MLL) for more information or reach out to us via our Contact Form.  If you want to get your own, please check out this post (a few suitable radios are listed there).

All hams, not just those residing within Murray City, are welcome and invited to club meetings and the weekly net.  Please join us and share your experiences with the hobby.

Below is the schedule of classes for 2022... if you have a topic you would like to present to the club, please let us know via the Contact Form:

DateMeeting TypeTopicInstructor/Discussion Leader
5 May 2022Basic TopicsReview of Great Salt Lake ShakeoutJan (KD7ZWV)
12 May 2022Advanced TopicsEMP and CME - repeatDan (N7XDL)
19 May 2022General MeetingFaraday Cages, Protecting Your Equipment from CME and EMPDan (N7XDL)
2 June 2022Basic TopicsSignal Reports RevisitedPaul (AE4KR)
9 June 2022Advanced TopicsGordon Smith K7HFV MemorialSimulcast from UARC
session starts approximately 7:30 PM
16 June 2022General MeetingFCC Emission Exposure LimitsPaul (AE4KR)
7 July 2022Basic TopicsA Tour of the Club Web Site (and other online resources)Jan (KD7ZWV)
14 July 2022Advanced TopicsModulated Light for Communications?? based on KA7OEI's experiments
21 July 2022General Meeting
4 August 2022Basic Topics
11 August 2022Advanced Topics
18 August 2022General Meeting
1 September 2022Basic Topics
8 September 2022Advanced Topics
15 September 2022General Meeting
6 October 2022Basic Topics
13 October 2022Advanced Topics
20 October 2022General Meeting
3 November 2022Basic Topics
10 November 2022Advanced Topics
17 November 2022General Meeting
1 December 2022Basic Topics
8 December 2022Advanced Topics
15 December 2022General Meeting