Programming Your Radio – Getting Started With Amateur Radio Series – Basic Topics – 21 MAR 2024 and 4 APR 2024

The fourth session of the Getting Started With Amateur Radio series, this session covers programming your radio.  We start with talking about various settings and configuration options, diving into detail on what each of the options are and why you would choose one setting over another.  We continue with a discussion of programming in frequencies (and where to find the frequencies to program in).  Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we got into the demos, so we'll continue this session next time, which will be April 4th, 2024.

We continued with a discussion of programming the radio's VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) manually from the front panel and saving that information into a memory, then covered programming via software with the manufacturer's software, CHIRP, and RT Systems.

Here's the video from the second session:

Download the slide deck here:  Programming Your Radio

Or view the slides right now:


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