Basic Topics – 1 April 2021 – Parks On The Air (POTA)

Dan (N7XDL) briefs us on the Parks On The Air system.  POTA is a contest and logging exercise where people either travel to and operate from national, state, and regional parks or try to contact those who have done so.  Dan walks us through the POTA web site, how to register, and how to see what parks are out there.  The system keeps track of contacts made to and from parks (and the elusive "park to park" contact) and facilitates operators making these types of contacts.

While primarily taking place on the HF bands, there is some VHF/UHF POTA operations that Technician class licensees can enjoy, as well as 10m.  Ragnar (N7LCR) talked a bit about 10m radios and using them to break into HF operating for Technicians and those who have never experimented with it.

Go visit the Parks On The Air site, sign up for an account (it's free), and get involved!

Monthly Meeting 15 October 2020 – Computer and E-mail Security

Presentation:  Computer_Security


Old Radios Slideshow

At our recent club meeting and potluck dinner, Gary Duhaine presented a short slideshow of some old radios he has collected over the years.  He also brought several of these old radio receivers in so we could look at them up close.  Please enjoy this slideshow featuring some of Gary's radios.


(Note, there were two versions of this slideshow, one of which had an audio component, but the audio component was extremely limited and also increased the size of the video by about fourteen times.  If we are able to get the correct audio component added to the video and get it sufficiently compressed, we will update this post with the new version.)