Advanced Topics Class – 14 April 2022 – Remote Base Operations

If you were unable to join us for the meeting on the 14th, you missed out on a great presentation by Gary (KK7DV) on Remote Base radio operations.  Sadly, I forgot to hit the "record" button on the Zoom session, so if you missed it, you really missed it.

Gary talked to us about the remote base setup operated by UARC at Leamington Pass Canyon down near Delta, UT.  He went into the details on the radios and antennas at the site, which is located at an old AT&T microwave relay facility (the microwave horn antennas are still there, although the equipment to use them is long gone).  Gary talked about how the site connects to the internet (via a WiFi shot to a public ISP in Delta) and how the system is supported by a UPS.

After the talk and pictures, it was demo time!  Gary connected to the Leamington system using the RCForb software (see the link for details) and was able to tune around, adjust the beam antenna's direction via a remote controlled rotator, and showed transmitting and receiving on multiple HF bands.  He discussed some modifications that had to be made to the RCForb Server software in order to control the antenna rotator and to add the ability to select three antennas when the radio on site (a Kenwood TS-480) normally only has two antenna inputs.  These modifications were facilitated by the RCForb software developers giving Gary access to the source code for the radio driver so he could add support for the custom hardware that is used to manage the additional antenna.

Gary also runs a remote base radio at his property in the Salt Lake valley, and he demoed that including accessing the Farnsworth 2m repeater and also made a contact with our own Chris (W7CHP) on 146.52 simplex!

Finally, Gary finished up by talking about the WebSDR setup in Corrine, UT (that we have covered in a previous meeting), indicating that these systems are great for exploring what is currently on the air.

Seriously, if you missed this one, you really missed out.  Thanks, Gary, for the guest appearance at MARC!

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