Account Cleanup

FYI, I have noticed an excess of what appear to be fake accounts on the club web site.  These have not caused much of a problem due to the requirement that comments must be vetted before being made public and that only authorized users can make new posts or edit pages, but in the interests of keeping our user database clean I have deleted several (about 28) accounts.  These accounts had not registered a call sign, had either never logged in, only logged in once, or had logged in way more times than they should have been able to based on the account creation data.  Quite often, these accounts had e-mail addresses in Russia or had other commonalities that indicated they were likely to not be valid.

If I purged your account and you are an actual person who wants to be part of the web site, please feel free to recreate your account AND notify me via our contact form of your interest.

If you have registered an account and you have a call sign but did not enter it when you created your account, please use the edit link (scroll down near the bottom) to update it.  If you are a member of the club and you can NOT access the Member's Area then please use the Contact Us page to let me know and I'll adjust your membership category accordingly.  Note that you do NOT have to live in Murray to be a member of the club... you can become an Affiliate Member, but you do have to have given some personal information (mainly name, address, phone number) to the club secretary.  Again, you can use the  Contact Us form to let us know and we will make sure you are put in touch with the club secretary.

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