MARC Version of Salt Lake County ARES “Standard Load” Available

The Salt Lake County ARES has published their new "Standard Load" of radio frequencies.  This is a standardized set of frequencies assigned to specific radio memory locations with the intention of reducing confusion when operating in support of a SLCo ARES incident.

The Standard Load includes a section for local club use, and MARC has identified a set of frequencies that are typically used in our club.  This modified Standard Load (including MARC frequencies) is now available.  SLCo ARES Standard Load Mar 2021_MARC

The Standard Load also includes a section for individual frequencies....  You should create your own files of frequencies to load into your radios that include your own preferred frequencies in this section.

As they become available, versions of the Standard Load for Chirp, RT Systems, and a DMR Codeplug will be posted as well.

Find the Standard Load here.

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