Advanced Topics Class – 11 February 2021 – Hurst Amateur Radio Club General License Training

This evening we tuned in to the Ham Radio 2.0 presentation from the Hurst Amateur Radio Club as they started their General Class License Course.  Due to the recent FCC announcement that they will be charging $35 for all license modifications, renewals, upgrades, and vanity allocations, I am recommending that people interested in upgrading to General Class from Technician get their upgrade as soon as possible.  We have had several sessions in our club around the General Class test and license requirements.

Jason (KC5HWB) at Ham Radio 2.0 has broken the course up into nine sessions, which are available at the following playlist:


While we probably will NOT be watching additional sessions as part of our normal club meetings, I highly recommend following along with this series to prepare for taking the General Class exam.

In conjunction with following this series, remember to take advantage of, which is run by a local (well, semi-local, he lives in Utah County... but we won't hold that against him) ham, Richard (KD7BBC).  This amazing (and free) resource offers free practice exams and uses a learning algorithm to help you review questions you have been having trouble with.  Richard also owns and operates Signal Stuff, and produces excellent whip antennas for HTs (I have a couple of them myself).

HamStudy also has links and information for where and when to test.  There are still groups doing on-site/in person testing (including our neighbors, the Taylorsville Amateur Radio Club), even in the time of covid, and if you are nervous about that you can take advantage of options for fully remote testing (note that there are significant requirements for this, including having TWO web cams to record not only your face/head and shoulders, but also your desk area, hands, keyboard, mouse, any scratch paper you are using, etc.).

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