The Farnsworth .62 Repeater – General Meeting with UARC – 8 FEB 2024

The four of us from MARC who attended the UARC meeting tonight learned a lot about the "Farnsworth" .62 repeater.  Clint (KA7OEI), the repeater manager for UARC, started with a brief history of the .62 machine, including some unique aspects related to its installation at the Fox 13 transmitter site.  He then delved into ways to extend the coverage of a repeater by linking multiple repeaters together.  Of course, the best example of this in Utah is the Intermountain Intertie, a linked repeater system that covers most of the state, with branches into Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Arizona.  The drawback to such a system is that each repeater needs to be on a different frequency.  This led to a discussion of the .62's setup, with a master repeater on Farnsworth peak and a secondary repeater on Scott's.  These two repeaters operate on the same frequency, using only one frequency pair for extremely wide coverage.

UARC has posted the recording of the meeting on their Youtube channel, and I'll include it here.  If you're curious how this system works, check it out.  At the end of the presentation, there was also some discussion about direction finding and how to deal with abusive use of the amateur frequencies, which was also quite interesting and may be the subject of a future UARC talk.

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