JS8 and JS8CALL – Advanced Topics – 11 May 2023

Hey, folks, while we did Zoom the meeting tonight, I did not take a recording because a large portion of the meeting was watching a couple of videos by Jason (KM4ACK) and I didn't want to get into any copyright trouble on Youtube.  If you weren't present (live or virtually) then I'm afraid you missed out on my comments and commentary.  I will post the slides below and link in the two videos we watched.

For those not in the know, JS8 is a protocol based on FT8 and the WSJT weak signal protocol, and JS8CALL is some software that uses JS8 to give a good, useful communications interface.  JS8CALL works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi) and lets you make solid digital comms with other stations.  Check it out!


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