2022 Lesson/Class/Meeting Schedule

DateMeeting TypeTopicInstructor/Discussion Leader
2 February 2023Basic TopicsUnderstanding Your Radio - How does it work?Dan (N7XDL)
9 February 2023Advanced TopicsRoles and Responsibilities at an EventJan (KD7ZWV)
16 February 2023General MeetingWhat Can I Do with WebSDR?Paul (AE4KR)
2 March 2023Basic TopicsHam Radio Lingo - Understanding the Old MenJan (KD7ZWV)
9 March 2023Advanced TopicsCable Termination WorkshopMultiple Elmers
16 March 2023General MeetingHam Radio Lingo - Part 2Jan (KD7ZWV)
6 April 2023Basic TopicsWhat Are Repeaters and How Do They Work?Dan (N7XDL)
13 April 2023Advanced TopicsPlanning for the Shake OutJan (KD7ZWV)
20 April 2023General MeetingTiered Radio Communications for YOUR Neighborhood and BeyondDan (KK7IOD)
4 May 2023Basic TopicsMaking Your First QSO (Conversation on the Air)Jan (KD7ZWV)
11 May 2023Advanced Topics
18 May 2023General MeetingClub Leadership ElectionsEveryone
1 June 2023Basic Topics
8 June 2023Advanced Topics
15 June 2023General Meeting
6 July 2023Basic Topics
13 July 2023Advanced Topics
20 July 2023General Meeting


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