2022 Lesson/Class/Meeting Schedule

DateMeeting TypeTopicInstructor/Discussion Leader
3 November 2022Basic TopicsBeginner's Guide to HF Week 1: HF Bands, Modes, Making Contacts, and HF ActivitiesRATPAC
Anthony Luscre, (K8ZT) &
Dennis Kidder, (W8DQ)
10 November 2022Advanced TopicsCERT Training Class #5Murray Fire Department
17 November 2022General MeetingTactical Call Signs and EmCommsDan (N7XDL)
1 December 2022Basic TopicsBeginner's Guide to HF Week 2: Choosing HF Radios & AntennasRATPAC
Anthony Luscre, (K8ZT) &
Dennis Kidder, (W8DQ)
8 December 2022Advanced TopicsPacket Radio, Why and How?Jan (KD7ZWV)
15 December 2022General MeetingClub Christmas/Holiday Party
5 January 2023Basic TopicsBeginner's Guide to HF Week 3: Station Setup & HF ChallengesRATPAC
Anthony Luscre, (K8ZT) &
Dennis Kidder, (W8DQ)
12 January 2023Advanced TopicsAPRS Revisited, Gateways and Other UsesJan (KD7ZWV)
19 January 2023General MeetingRoles and Responsibilities at an EventJan (KD7ZWV)
2 February 2023Basic Topics
9 February 2023Advanced Topics
16 February 2023General Meeting
2 March 2023Basic Topics
9 March 2023Advanced Topics
16 March 2023General Meeting


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