Club Repeater is Live!

Our club's new repeater on 223.96 MHz with a PL of 103.5 Hz is live and on the air.

The contractor came to install the antenna and tie in the feed line on Thursday, 22 April 2021.  Several members of the club were in attendance to "help" and kibitz.  The mounting brace/extension was first prepared, and then the contractor ascended the tower to the 180-ish foot level.  A rope was dropped from a pulley attached near the top of the tower and club members aided in pulling the mounting brace, antenna, assorted tools, and the feed line up to the top.

Once installed, the power to the repeater was turned on (the basic repeater configuration had been pre-installed) and the repeater was on the air!

Check out the Club Repeaters page for pictures!

We especially thank Murray City for their contributions in getting this repeater set up, and especially for providing the site and utilities.  This repeater's central location will be instrumental in providing reliable communications in the event of an emergency, allowing our city to respond effectively.

Thanks also to the Murray City Fire Department for spearheading this effort and for the club members who helped out with the installation.

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