Be Ready Utah – The Great Shakeout

During our net this evening, Dan (N7XDL) mentioned that the Great Utah Shakeout is coming up on 15 April 2021.  This event is an annual exercise across the state where government and civilian agencies practice what they would do in the event of a large scale earthquake.

Dan advised us to check out the Be Ready Utah site for twelve basic things we can all do to prepare for a large scale natural disaster.  As members of MARC, we are encouraged to be prepared and ready in all of these areas.  Additional information for each area is available on the site.  The areas detailed include:

  • Make a Plan
  • Get a Kit
  • Be Informed
  • Get Involved
  • Earthquake
  • Special Needs
  • Children and Disasters
  • Pet Preparedness
  • Social Media
  • Food Storage
  • Water Storage
  • Evacuation

Check out the site, click on each area and read about what you can and should be doing to "be ready, Utah!"

In addition, Brad (KJ7RPV) mentioned that Be Ready Utah has a Youtube channel and they recently published a collection of podcasts with excellent information.  Click that link, check out the channel, and watch some of their great "prepcasts."  Also on that channel you will find eight hours of recorded webinar from April 9th and 10th.  Lots of great information is there for your viewing.

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