The Fox Hunt!

On Saturday, 14 November 2020, MARC and the Taylorsville Amateur Radio Club participated in a "pandemic safe" fox hunt.  This was done by having everyone take a bearing from whatever their location was (typically their home, but Neil (KF7PKX) at least took his bearing from his workplace).  All of these locations and bearings were given to Dan (N7XDL) who plotted the bearings on a map, which you can see here: Nov14Event_TARC_MARC.

As you can see, not every bearing pointed directly at the fox, which is expected.  But if you observe, there were several bearings that did intersect at the approximate location of the fox.  For our first try, it was very promising!

We will be participating with Taylorsville for next month's hunt on 12 December 2020.  It has not been determined yet if this will be another "pandemic safe" hunt or if we will actually get together in person (maintaining social distancing and wearing masks).  Watch this space for updates as we get closer to the event!

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