September 19th Meeting Success

Members of the Murray Amateur Radio Club participated this evening in an emergency services drill.  Assigned in groups of two radio operators, and equipped with either their own personal 1.25m band radios or radios provided by the Murray City Fire Department, members of the club dispersed to various locations around the city.  Arriving at their assigned locations, each team, using a tactical call sign, reported in to net control at the Murray EOC at station 83.  Each team was supplied with a simulated emergency condition which they reported to net control.

This exercise showed that the MARC members are capable of supporting Murray City in an emergency, passing messages from an on-scene incident commander in the event that normal communications channels are unavailable.  We demonstrated professionalism in our operations and followed our communications plan.

In other club actions, the membership ratified the new meeting schedule so it is an official club policy.  To reiterate, this is the three meetings a month schedule with the first meeting of the month devoted to Technician-related subjects, the second to General/HF-related subjects, and the third being the general monthly club meeting covering various subjects of interest to all.

If you haven't been to a club meeting lately, you should plan on joining us in October!

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