eNIFOG and Other Related Apps

eNIFOGN7LCR (Ragnar) found some interesting cell phone apps... one of which being the eNIFOG (electronic National Interoperability Field Operations Guide).  The NIFOG is a listing of land mobile radio frequencies that are often used in disasters or other incidents where radio interoperability is required.  It also includes other information useful to emergency communicators.  The electronic version of this, eNIFOG, is an app that runs on Android or iOS (Apple) devices and contains all of the information in the physical document in an easily accessible and searchable format.

Google App Store (for Android)

Apple App Store (for iOS)

From those app store links,  you can find links to other related applications such as FEMA's reference app, The Red Cross's First Aid guide, and many many others.  We should all be taking full advantage of these tiny computers we carry with us in our pockets and purses every day.  These guides are designed to continue working even if the cellular network is down (they store the information directly on your device).

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