Build a Tape Measure YAGI

Steve (KG7GIT) and Adele (KG7GIS) built a Tape Measure YAGI using instructions found on We'll be building these antennas in the club meeting on August 29th, so get your parts together. You'll need a ten foot section of 3/4 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe, one 3/4 inch tee, two 3/4 inch four-way tees, one 25 foot by 1 inch tape measure (the antenna doesn't take the whole 25 feet, so there will probably be some people with extra left over), one 5 inch length of 14 AWG wire (again, someone will probably bring a spool, so there should be plenty), electrical tape, soldering flux and solder, and one six foot length of RG58/U coax with a BNC or PL-259 connector on one end.

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