How to Register

Registering for the site is easy...

First, visit the site home page,

Look up in the top right corner for the link that says Register (it's under Quick Links... or just click the link here).

This will take you to the registration page.

Enter a username (most people will use their call sign here, but you don't have to if you have some standard username that you prefer), your e-mail address (your initial password will be sent to this address, so make sure it is valid), your first and last name, and optionally your call sign (if you don't have a call sign yet, you can leave this set to N0CALL and you can change it later).

Once you have filled in the information, click the Register link.  The site will e-mail you a link that you must follow to set your initial password.  Check your e-mail (it might end up in your spam folder... we're working on that).  There will be a link in the e-mail that you need to click to activate your account.

Your account will initially be activated at the "Guest" level, but we will bump it up to the appropriate membership level usually within 24 hours.