Club Roster Update Form

Fill out the form below with your current information so that we can keep the club roster up to date.

Enter your FCC issued call sign. If you do not have a call sign (yet), you can leave this field blank.
Enter the best e-mail address for you. Some people set up a special e-mail address just for ham radio use. If you want to do this, do so BEFORE filling in this form.
Enter your address, city, state, zip and any other information needed to get postal mail to you.
Enter the best phone number to reach you.
Check this box if the number supplied above is a cell phone number and you are okay with receiving text messages. Leave it unchecked if not.
Check this box if it is okay for your address, e-mail, and phone number to be published in the club roster (ONLY CLUB MEMBERS CAN SEE THIS INFORMATION). If you do not want to be included in the club directory, uncheck this box.
For our Sunday evening radio net, do you want to be listed in the roll call? If you do not plan to check in to the net very often, uncheck this box, you can still check in as a visitor whenever you can. Also, if you are willing to act as net control for this net periodically, check the appropriate box. Most people on the net have acted as net control at least once... it isn't hard and gives you valuable experience.
Check the appropriate boxes indicating your willingness to help in an emergence (such as an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster) and your affiliations with ARES and RACES, if any. If you have taken CERT training, please check that box, too.
Include any additional information you think would be helpful to us here. If you have changed e-mail addresses, put a note here including your old e-mail address. If you have already registered for a web site account, let us know your username here. If you have any questions about the form and/or process for keeping the roster up to date, put them here and we'll get back to you.