Anytone AT-5888UV III Supplemental Files and Information

Okay, folks, here are some additional info for your shiny new Anytone AT-5888UV III tri-band radio.

First, I had mentioned a setting for the external speaker.  In the configuration software, look for Function Setup:

When you click here, you'll get the function menu.  Look for the External Speaker selector and turn it on:

That should do the trick.

NOTE:  I was talking with Brad about this and he found that he also had to turn off the setting for the handmic speaker in the radio menu (not available in the configuration software).

Now, I tried to send these files out via e-mail, but for whatever reason they never made it to most people.  You can grab them directly here.  First, some documents:

1 How To install USB Driver
1 How To install USB Driver
2 Install Guide_Win7
AT-5888VU Ⅲ manual 160918

You probably won't need the USB driver unless you are on an older version of Windows.

Finally, here is a zip file with the configuration software:  AnyToneSetupPrograms.  This archive contains three separate inustallers:

QPS5888UV_III_SetOSetup_1.03 this program allows you to do things like set the radio serial number, dealer information, etc.  it is intended for use by a reseller who wants to set some configuration parameters on all of the radios they sell.  you will probably not need this program.
QPS5888UV_III_SetBandSetup_1.03 this program allows you to set the radio to operate in Band Setting 1 or Band Setting 2.  Band Setting 2 is the one you want for US amateur use as it will restrict the transmit frequencies to the parts of the bands that US amateurs are allowed to transmit on.  Band Setting 1 is similar to what other radios call the "MARS/CAP" setting and will not only open up the transmit frequencies, but will also open the receive frequencies significantly wider that Band Setting 2.  If you want to be able to monitor the aviation band from this radio, you'll want to set Band Setting 1.
QPS5888UV_III_Setup_1.04 this program is the traditional setup/configuration program.  you'll use this to program the channels on the radio, access various features, etc.

Here are some additional links from Jan (KD7ZWV) and Chris (W7CHP) that may be useful:


Antenna Mounts:

External Speakers:

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