Club Membership

Club Membership
Membership in the Murray Amateur Radio Club is free and open to all. Even though the club is dedicated to Murray City, we are happy to have active members who live outside of the city. All are welcome to come to the club meetings and to participate on the web site and in club activities. Most importantly, you do not have to already be an amateur radio operator to join the club! If you are curious about amateur radio and have some interest in learning about it, come to the club meetings and we'll teach you what you need to know so you can get licensed.

Club members have access to some information on the web site that non-members do not get access to (information about other club members, for example). The club offers memberships at several levels:

  • Guest Members - have access to view most information on the web site and to comment on web site posts
  • Affiliate Members - do not live in Murray City, but are otherwise fully participating members in the club
  • Members - live in Murray City and are fully participating members in the club
  • Charter Members - have been involved with the club since it's early days... otherwise exactly the same as Members

Club Dues and Fees
Dues are not required to be a member of the club. Occasionally, club members will be asked to contribute to a general fund that is used for covering costs related to the operation of the club or its resources (repeaters, club-owned radios, supplies, etc.).

If you would like to register as a club member, you can do so at the Registration Page.  Please enter a valid e-mail address as your initial password will be sent by e-mail.  If you have a call sign, please enter that in the appropriate field.