eNIFOG and Other Related Apps

eNIFOGN7LCR (Ragnar) found some interesting cell phone apps... one of which being the eNIFOG (electronic National Interoperability Field Operations Guide).  The NIFOG is a listing of land mobile radio frequencies that are often used in disasters or other incidents where radio interoperability is required.  It also includes other information useful to emergency communicators.  The electronic version of this, eNIFOG, is an app that runs on Android or iOS (Apple) devices and contains all of the information in the physical document in an easily accessible and searchable format.

Google App Store (for Android)

Apple App Store (for iOS)

From those app store links,  you can find links to other related applications such as FEMA's reference app, The Red Cross's First Aid guide, and many many others.  We should all be taking full advantage of these tiny computers we carry with us in our pockets and purses every day.  These guides are designed to continue working even if the cellular network is down (they store the information directly on your device).

Ch-ch-ch-changes… to the Meeting Schedule

Members of the club have voted and determined that four+ meetings a month is too many.  We are restructuring the meeting schedule as follows:

First Thursday of each month:  Training Meeting on Technician-related Stuff... these will include things like wading through the Tech Test Manual and making sure we all remember why as well as which answers go to the questions on the Tech test.  There will also be lots of other topics that are primarily related to your Technician-class privileges.  If you are just starting with Amateur Radio, or you have had your license for a while and don't remember what to do with it, these are going to be great meetings to attend!

Second Thursday of each month:  Training Meeting on General-related Stuff... these will include things like wading through the General Test manual and either making sure we all remember why as well as which answers go to the questions on the General test OR helping us learn these things for the first time so we are ready to take a General Exam at some point.  There will also be lots of other topics that are primarily related to your General-class privileges, including things like what radios are out there, do you really need a giant honking antenna farm on your roof or in your back yard, etc.  If you already have your Technician license and want to get  your General, or if you already have your General and want to learn more about what you can/should be doing with it, come to these meetings!

Third Thursday of each month:  Official Monthly Club Meeting... these will include things like club business, matters of general interest to the club, guest speakers, DIY projects, etc.  Even if you are an experienced Extra-class licensee you should still try to make it to these meetings.

Build a Tape Measure YAGI

Steve (KG7GIT) and Adele (KG7GIS) built a Tape Measure YAGI using instructions found on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmHoQrDfw-0. We'll be building these antennas in the club meeting on August 29th, so get your parts together. You'll need a ten foot section of 3/4 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe, one 3/4 inch tee, two 3/4 inch four-way tees, one 25 foot by 1 inch tape measure (the antenna doesn't take the whole 25 feet, so there will probably be some people with extra left over), one 5 inch length of 14 AWG wire (again, someone will probably bring a spool, so there should be plenty), electrical tape, soldering flux and solder, and one six foot length of RG58/U coax with a BNC or PL-259 connector on one end.

Murray Safety Fair

Monday, 5 August 2019, at Murray Park (next to the Park Center) will be the Murray City Safety Fair. MARC will have a booth where people can "Get On The Air" (GOTA) and learn about how MARC uses amateur radio to help the city with emergency communications. We will have several club members wandering around the grounds with their HTs so people can have a chance to talk to someone on the radio!

Club Monthly Meeting Change

It was decided at the last club meeting on April 18th, 2019, to change the day of the monthly meeting from the second Wednesday of the month to the third Thursday of the month. The weekly training meetings will continue to be on Thursdays as well, now including the second Thursday of the month.

This change was proposed because of the confusion caused by having the monthly meetings on a different day of the week from the training meetings. The third Thursday was chosen to avoid conflict with the monthly UARC meeting that currently happens on the second Thursday of each month.